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Yellow Moon fundraising - 10% cash-back

10% cash-back                       Bulphan School's source code is SBU1172


Yellow Moons website is  


For every purchase you make on the Yellow Moon website or from a catalogue, if you use Bulphan PTA's source code the PTA will receive a cash-back of 10% (excluding VAT, delivery and sale items). All order confirmations and invoices will show the total cash-back the PTA will receive from your order.


Each and every cash-back amount is pooled and a cheque is issued for the collective amount annually. Please note, however, any items(s) returned for a refund reduces the total cash-back applied. The minimum cheque payment is £5 - if the PTA doesn't manage to raise that amount in the given period, it will be carried forward to the next payment cycle.


NO RISK - Your cash-back carries no risk to the school. They receive the entire cash-back, and are not charged any fees or promotional costs.