Golden Threads:

  • How can we stay safe online?
    • How can we make things move?
    • Which app is best?

Understanding technology is a fundamental life skill and at Bulphan, we encourage children to develop a positive, knowledgeable and a safe view towards Computing and the Digital World. We aim to provide the pupils with a Computing curriculum that promotes online safety and teach the computing skills needed so that we develop individuals who are digitally savvy, well-informed and confident. It is important that Computing is purposeful and we develop children’s critical thinking skills to help build their understanding of the online world and prepare them for future lives in Modern Britain. To provide this computing ethos, we have a skills-based Computing Curriculum. These skills are shared with the children and are used to teach the National Curriculum (2014) using the scheme, ‘Purple Mash’.

Within Computing sessions we aim:

  • To ensure children are taught the importance of online safety and how to protect themselves online
  • For Computing lessons to teach a range of technical skills and how these translate into the real world
  • To build links between Computing (especially Digital Literacy) and other curriculum areas.
  • For each child to leave Bulphan Academy being able to be able to apply these skills at an appropriate level to their ability in the real world.
  • For children to have open and honest discussions about the online world.
  • To explore the use of digital literacy to develop critical thinking
  • To prepare children for digital Modern Britain

Computing- Overview