At Bulphan we use ‘Jigsaw’ to deliver our PSHE curriculum.

PSHE supports many of the principles of safeguarding and includes many strands of spiritual, moral, social and cultural learning and British Values.

Children are provided with learning opportunities across and beyond the Jigsaw curriculum, in circle time, special school projects, awareness days and other activities that enrich pupils’ experiences. There may be occasions where teachers teach PSHE as a result of an issue which has arisen in class. It is also taught through our assemblies and Christian values: Respect, Love, Wisdom, Friendship, and Perseverance.

The key areas included within PSHE are:

  • Valuing difference
  • Healthy relationships (online safety/anti-bullying)
  • Drugs and alcohol awareness
  • Healthy choices & hygiene
  • British values
  • Inclusion, belonging and extremism
  • Raising hopes and aspirations
  • Financial capabilities
  • Healthy relationships (including consent)
  • Talking mental health and wellbeing / sex education

In addition to Relationships Education, we also teach aspects of Sex Education that is covered in our Science Curriculum. Alongside this we teach about different kinds of relationships, including same sex relationships, and gender identity because it is important that our children should understand the full diversity of the world they live in and be prepared for life in modern Britain.

More information about school RSE expectations can be found here.

PSHE- Overview