At Bulphan C of E Academy we believe Literacy underpins all learning in every curriculum area.  It is the basis through which children access and enjoy a wide curriculum. We strongly believe English is key to empowering independence and is a skill that is essential to everyday living.   Reading and writing is a necessary skill to access all areas of the curriculum and allows children to fulfill and achieve their full potential in all subjects at Bulphan.

At Bulphan, we follow the National Curriculum (2014), as set out by the Department of Education in order to plan our English lessons.  As our curriculum Intent states we use personalised learning ladders in each area of English to ensure coverage and progression in each English area is seen.

What reading scheme do we follow?

At Bulphan we use the Collins Big Cat Reading scheme and Pearson’s Bug Club reading scheme.  All children have access to Online Bug Club which they can read at home.

Early Books are organised so they follow our phonic scheme so all children have access to phonetically decodable books. Children will move up the levels at their own pace as advised by staff.  Beyond this children will become a free reader and may choose from either the classroom or school library.

At Bulphan we celebrate reading in many ways.  We have a weekly reading raffle and the children are rewarded for their reading through certificates and praise. We celebrate literary events such as World Book day and have Book Fairs.

We also have ‘Reading Entitlement Lists’ for each year group, which are used to base guided reading and whole class story sessions.

Reception Entitlement List

Year One Entitlement List

Year Two Entitlement List

Year Three Entitlement List

Year Four Entitlement List

Year Five Entitlement List

Year Six Entitlement List

Reading Progression Documents

Termly Curriculum Overview – Reading – Reception

Termly Curriculum Overview – Reading – Year 1

Termly Curriculum Overview – Reading – Year 2

Termly Curriculum Overview – Reading – Year 3

Termly Curriculum Overview – Reading – Year 4

Termly Curriculum Overview – Reading – Year 5

Termly Curriculum Overview – Reading – Year 6

How can you be involved?

We ask that all children in KS1 spend at least 5 minutes a night reading at home and in KS2 spend at least 10 minutes.  All children are expected to read 5 times a week and record this in their reading record books which are provided for all children in school.

These are a great way for parents and teachers to liaise about a child’s reading.

Reading to your child at home has so many benefits – no matter how old they are.  Many of our Year 6 children comment on how they love it when parents read to them.