Golden Threads:

  1. Asking and Answering Questions
  2. Practical Enquiries
  3. Recording/Presenting Findings

Our Science curriculum is designed to ensure that pupils know how to ‘be a scientist’.  We will do this through enabling all pupils to develop:

  • a curiosity and interest in science.
  • skills in scientific problem solving.
  • scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding through the specific disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics.
  • their use of scientific vocabulary, enabling them to talk confidently about a range of scientists and scientific discoveries.
  • a love or appreciation of science.

Science is a fantastic opportunity for children to explore the world around them and ask challenging and thought-provoking questions. It gives them the chance to learn and develop a range of skills which they can use throughout their life. Science breeds curiosity, curiosity fosters knowledge, knowledge leads to wisdom – but most of all…it’s fun!

Science- Overview

Science – know, do, understand