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School Meals


Menu - November 2019 to April 2020

Thurrock Catering

Every day more than 15,000 school meals are served in Thurrock

We provide affordable, nutritious meals for local school children.

Over 75% of our food is made using local ingredients, and we use:

  • organic and traceable farm fresh British meat
  • 200,000 kilograms of fresh fruit and vegetables every year
  • fish that is caught from sustainable sources

Our menus are:

We have monthly theme days and we run fun cooking events to educate children about healthy eating and cooking.

All key stage 1 (KS1) pupils, including reception children, are entitled to free school meals. Your child could also get free school meals if you are receiving certain benefits.

Breaktime Snacks


Bulphan Academy is part of the Government's School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme. Under the scheme, each child aged four to six (Early Years and Years 1 and 2) receive a free piece of fruit or vegetable each school day. 


All children are allowed to bring in the following snacks for breaktime:

  • Fruit
  • Dried Fruit e.g. raisins
  • Vegetables
  • Bread sticks
  • Plain crackers
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